Best Software to Manage Your Presence on Instagram

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Instagram is a very powerful social media marketing too. Through Instagram, you get to easily communicate to masses. It is, therefore, no wonder most people seek to know some of the best software that can easily manage and in fact, increase your presence on Instagram. There are three software apps to install in order to easily create a popular Instagram account.


Social insight

If you ever need to check on how many followers you get in your account on a regular basis and basically how much you interact with them, then this is a software app you definitely need to install.

Main features

  • You can easily access more than one Instagram account and get all the accurate info you need regarding any of the accounts. This is one of the main features that make it a popular software app with Instagram users.
  • You can easily know the best time to post by just checking on the analysis. You should obviously post at the time when you get more comments on your post. This may vary from one user to another.
  • It can also help you to check on your engagement with the users. This is very important especially if you are new on Instagram and want to make your account popular



This is an app that easily lets you constantly post pictures and videos already posted earlier. In fact, if your Instagram account is for business you will need this feature. It makes you repost the ads easily and this is one way through which you can widen your market niche.

Key features

  • You can easily bookmark those posts that you wish to post earlier content, This will make it possible for you to easily find the posts and repost as well, Remember with social insight, you will already have discovered the right time to post. You may schedule to repost content at a particular time and this makes it even easier to easily engage your followers.
  • With this software app, you also get to search old posts easily. This is very important especially if you have been running your Instagram for a long time or you have many followers. This makes it possible to easily retrieve older posts. In fact, by just typing the name of the pic or the hashtag you used, it becomes possible to get the content you need.



Of all the software you need to manage your presence on Instagram, this is a must have. The features will make it possible to easily manage your account and ensure that your presence online is felt.

Unique features of the app

  • You get to know your fans. Those people who follow you and you have no idea. You see, you have to get all your fans on board if you really want to be popular on Instagram’s.
  • Check fans that have unfollowed you on Instagram. This app is what you need In order to instantly know when a fan unfollows you. You actually get to know who is following you and who has stopped following you. You may then take the appropriate action
  • Updates on new followers. You need to know if your Instagram account is growing or not. This, you can only know by checking the list of new followers. This software app will definitely help you know the new followers and ensure that you target them in your posts in order to retain them.


It is true that Instagram is an effective social media for marketing and business as well as to socialize. That is why you should consider improving your account on Instagram. This is a basic social app that has a lot of impact in your business and personal life as well. You learn a lot about trends and basically, you are always up to date with current affairs.