Tech Fails: The Wii U

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The Wii U is an eighth generation game console that was developed by Nintendo. Being the first eight generation game console to be released in 2012, the console received an overwhelming welcome from the game enthusiasts and Tech lovers. However, the game has turned out to be real tech fail due to a number of reasons. Some of these have to do with the manner of marketing the console by Nintendo as well as many shortcomings that have to do with the game console itself. It could also be said that the Wii U competes with great consoles such as Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 1, making it a performance dwarf in comparison.

The Wii U came to the end of its life cycle in January 2017. A successor to the game console is expected in March 2017. In looking at the reasons that made this console a tech failure, I will discuss some of these based on the marketing of the game console and other reasons that have to do with the ability of the game console.

 The Wii U Hardware and software shortcomings

Perhaps the biggest failure of the Wii U has to do with the hardware and the software part of the console. From the lack of third-party support to the controller setup of this console, Nintendo should have done more to make the Wii U much friendlier to the gamers and Wii lovers.  Here are some of these flops:

  • The Wii U controller set up is confusing to the gamers. The Wii U comes with a gamepad and a remote, both of which are used in some games. This is especially difficult when it comes to the multiplayer functionality. Only one person can have the gamepad and this can lead to fights over its use or when the gamepad has to be exchanged.
  • There is a lack of third-party support on the Wii U. for instance, Watch Dogs was a third party game that came to the Wii U after being released for pretty all other game consoles. Most of the third-party game publishers lost interest in the Wii U after they noticed its weak sales. For this reason, the Wii U console has only Nintendo games for the players.
  • The Wii U is underpowered. When it was released, the Wii U was about as powerful as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Thereafter, Sony and Microsoft released much more powerful consoles and this ate into the little market that the Wii U had. This also made it difficult for Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 games to be adapted for the Wii U.
  • The Wii U has no internal hard drive, a major shortcoming in the console industry. In as much as it is much cheaper in comparison to the other consoles, the price advantage goes once one has to buy an external hard drive for the Wii U. when compared to the Xbox 1 and the PlayStation 4, the Wii U scores poorly and this has been one of the reasons this game console has been declared a tech fail.

Marketing Flops of the Nintendo Wii U

Now, other than the hardware and the software problems with the Wii U, Nintendo did little to sell the Wii U console. The Wii U did not get as much ad support as its predecessor, the Wii. It is also true that the Wii U did not benefit from enough ads. Nintendo failed this console by not giving it the marketing that is required for it to compete with its peers. The console was under advertised so much so that many gamers did not know that there was a new console from Nintendo.

Another marketing flop was in the form of few games. There were too few Wii U games initially that the Wii U owners were left with few options. The console lacked a system selling titles to sell it to the masses. The quality of the first game releases for the Wii U was uninspiring. However, the console’s Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 ultimate created quite some excitement.

Nintendo did rely too much on word of mouth as a marketing tool for the Wii U. they thought that like the Wii, people would invite their friends to try the Wii U. Well, this did not work out and it must have been one of the reasons for the initial poor sales of this console.