China is Changing Some Policies in Light of the G20

The G20 summit sees China is changing. The country seems to be bent towards implementing policies that really resound how out has now become a giant economic power. The country is certainly set towards establishing a new policy where the emphasis will be placed on a specific area that is expected to help make it easier possible for China to achieve the economic advancement that it has since long for.

Structural reform set to be implemented with the aim of boosting the midterm and the long-term potential for growth for the global economy. Fiscal and monetary stimulus policies were used by many Western economies since the year 2008. However, it has been found out that this has not really ended the high debt, high unemployment, low growth, as well as many other issues that have plagued them.

There is also the emphasis on innovation. At present, innovation and as entrepreneurship are going quite well in the country. There are many new industries that are emerging as well. The experiences that China has in terms of innovation will be spread to the rest of the world and it is expected to create a new source of growth. This is also going to help speed up the transformation towards a new growth momentum from the old one.

There will be global guidelines set when it comes to trade and investment. China is now the second largest world economy. It is going to bring ideas and plans towards the restructuring process pattern of the economy of the world. It will also help bring about the necessary adjustment when it comes to international relations in economics.

Inclusiveness is also a very important highlight in the summit. It is a fact that the rule in the global economy is still unjust and quite unequal. The summit responds to the global challenges that are plaguing everybody alone such as the case of environment protection and global warming. This has the course of allowing countries that are at the various points in the globe to make use of their specific advantages and to ensure their respective developmental opportunities as well.

It is a fact that G20 needs to focus on economic governance instead of on issues like security and geopolitics. This is because economic governance in the global scale requires the cooperation of all the countries around the world. This is why it needs to earn a sense of legitimacy in order to be able to that. The G20 though it is only composed of the biggest economies around the world and a lot of smaller countries are not invited to it. It is high time that developing countries are also invited to the summit to make sure that their voices are going to be heard.

Still, while China is looking outward when it comes to its economic pool, it does not seem to be a let-up in this drive to make sure that certain sites are censored and blocked in the country. The infamous China firewall is still very much in effect. Pretty soon, citizens that have skirted it through the use of VPN service may lose that same capability.


Will Self-Driving Cars Really Change The World

Maybe you have already heard the phrase that self-driving cars will change the world. Well, it is true. Like self-driving car technology companies are rising up also by creating more prototypes.

Such cars will change the world in the ways discussed below and much more. You can find additional info online on other ways through which such cars will ultimately change your life and the world at large. Below are some facts about the most definite changes that will be experienced.


Nothing consumes so much energy than fuel. There are many people who have cars and as such the cars consume a lot of energy. The greenhouse effect will be reduced if we have cars that do not use fuel. When the automated cars hit the roads, we will have fewer emissions and pollution will also be reduced. In addition, since less fuel will be used, then energy scarcity will also not be experienced.

Human lives will be saved

This is true. Research shows that most accidents happen due to human error. With a self-driving car, such errors will be eliminated and as such reduced cases of accidents. In fact, it is predicted that in future there may be rare or no accidents at all. But some systems are able to also detect faults in the car or on the road and even send warning signals. One such system is the Teslas autopilot. But with time, many more automated systems will also be launched. The systems will also be capable of detecting faults as well and this will lead to more accountability.

Real estate impact

This will be the ultimate change that will be noticed. Check the vast areas designated for parking and the way most people also opt to live near towns because of the hectic program and hustle of commuting every day. This will come to an end since people will now have comfortable and reliable means of transport. As such, they can live in less congested areas away from towns. This will free more space around town and also cause some impact on real estate. In fact, real estate agents should be considering their options when the world adopts the self-driving car.

Laws and regulations

  • Well, it is expected that when the automated cars take over our roads, most countries may pass laws to make driving a car illegal. Most accidents occur because human being drives the car under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Again, the distraction while driving a car may also be as a result of using mobile phones or chatting with friends while driving. The same case applies to traffic jams. They are caused by human errors.


  • In fact, if you do a research you will realize that some drivers also do not obey traffic rules and this is the main causes of accidents and problems encountered during transport. This can be avoided if the world adopts autonomous future, it is likely that governments of the day may actually pass laws to ensure that no one drives around town. Basically, this will make driving a car a traffic offense.


  • Again, the cost of transport is also likely to come down. Cars will no longer use fuel and this is very expensive. There will be no need of parking and traffic jams will also be eliminated. As such, the cost of car ownership and also the cost of transport is likely to come down.


Is this actually going to happen?

Well, it is already happening in many parts of the world. Check out the Googles self-driving cars in California. This is one of the cities in the US where automated cars are already on the roads. Autonomy Taxis in Singapore are also in operation and actually, the general public has accepted the cars. The reviews show that at least eight out of ten passages who use Autonomy taxis give it a five-star rating. This shows that the self-driving cars are gradually being introduced in the market. France is also another classic example of countries that have generally accepted the latest move to automate transportation.


Just recently, the sensational Uber taxi service has signed a deal with Otto. Reviews show that Otto seeks to automate tracks and big delivery motor vehicles so that they can offer transport across the world.  In addition, recently Uber also launched 100 autonomous taxis in the state of Pennsylvania USA. This shows that the world is slowly embracing automated cars but the whole idea will actually take some time to be implemented around the world.


Tech Fails: The Wii U

The Wii U is an eighth generation game console that was developed by Nintendo. Being the first eight generation game console to be released in 2012, the console received an overwhelming welcome from the game enthusiasts and Tech lovers. However, the game has turned out to be real tech fail due to a number of reasons. Some of these have to do with the manner of marketing the console by Nintendo as well as many shortcomings that have to do with the game console itself. It could also be said that the Wii U competes with great consoles such as Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 1, making it a performance dwarf in comparison.

The Wii U came to the end of its life cycle in January 2017. A successor to the game console is expected in March 2017. In looking at the reasons that made this console a tech failure, I will discuss some of these based on the marketing of the game console and other reasons that have to do with the ability of the game console.

 The Wii U Hardware and software shortcomings

Perhaps the biggest failure of the Wii U has to do with the hardware and the software part of the console. From the lack of third-party support to the controller setup of this console, Nintendo should have done more to make the Wii U much friendlier to the gamers and Wii lovers.  Here are some of these flops:

  • The Wii U controller set up is confusing to the gamers. The Wii U comes with a gamepad and a remote, both of which are used in some games. This is especially difficult when it comes to the multiplayer functionality. Only one person can have the gamepad and this can lead to fights over its use or when the gamepad has to be exchanged.
  • There is a lack of third-party support on the Wii U. for instance, Watch Dogs was a third party game that came to the Wii U after being released for pretty all other game consoles. Most of the third-party game publishers lost interest in the Wii U after they noticed its weak sales. For this reason, the Wii U console has only Nintendo games for the players.
  • The Wii U is underpowered. When it was released, the Wii U was about as powerful as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Thereafter, Sony and Microsoft released much more powerful consoles and this ate into the little market that the Wii U had. This also made it difficult for Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 games to be adapted for the Wii U.
  • The Wii U has no internal hard drive, a major shortcoming in the console industry. In as much as it is much cheaper in comparison to the other consoles, the price advantage goes once one has to buy an external hard drive for the Wii U. when compared to the Xbox 1 and the PlayStation 4, the Wii U scores poorly and this has been one of the reasons this game console has been declared a tech fail.

Marketing Flops of the Nintendo Wii U

Now, other than the hardware and the software problems with the Wii U, Nintendo did little to sell the Wii U console. The Wii U did not get as much ad support as its predecessor, the Wii. It is also true that the Wii U did not benefit from enough ads. Nintendo failed this console by not giving it the marketing that is required for it to compete with its peers. The console was under advertised so much so that many gamers did not know that there was a new console from Nintendo.

Another marketing flop was in the form of few games. There were too few Wii U games initially that the Wii U owners were left with few options. The console lacked a system selling titles to sell it to the masses. The quality of the first game releases for the Wii U was uninspiring. However, the console’s Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 ultimate created quite some excitement.

Nintendo did rely too much on word of mouth as a marketing tool for the Wii U. they thought that like the Wii, people would invite their friends to try the Wii U. Well, this did not work out and it must have been one of the reasons for the initial poor sales of this console.


Tech Fails: The Amazon Phone Disaster

The Amazon phone, also known as the Amazon Fire phone was a tech fail due to a number of reasons. The competition in the phone devices markets notwithstanding, the Amazon phone did not please the intended users simply because the company had its interests at heart as compared to the interests of the intended buyers of the fire phone. Unlike the Amazon Kindle e-readers that aligned the interests of the readers and those of the company, the fire phone was a complete mismatch of these needs. The device may have failed solely on the account of the fact that it was not inspiring and could not at all strike a chord with the consumers. The cheap design and poor and gimmicky software could not help this device to make it in the competitive market of the smartphones.

What was the strategy of the Amazon Fire Phone?

Well, one of the contributing factors to the failure of the Amazon Fire phone was the lack of a clear strategy for this device. The Amazon Kindle device helped push the readership of the Amazon Kindle eBooks and therefore the company was able to sell more eBooks.

The Fire Phone was also created for the company e-commerce purposes. The Fire phone had the Firefly as a price comparison tool between Amazon products and the products of the competitors. The feature is a perfect example of the retail sales strategy that Amazon had for the Fire phone. However, it also serves as a reason for the failure of the Fire Phone.

So, where did Amazon fail with the Fire Phone?

So, why was the Amazon Fire Phone such an industry flop?  Was it about the hardware of the phone, the software or the price? What exactly was it that did not auger well with the targeted consumers of this phone? Well, we could say that the company was rather more interested in pushing the sales of its products as opposed to caring about the interests of the consumer. In this case, the phone had to flop.

The fact that Amazon has a fleet of apps for both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store means that the target consumers of the Fire Phone didn’t see any reason why they had to buy this phone as opposed to the other smartphones in the market. Now, apart from the above shortcomings of the Fire Phone, there are some specific reasons that made this phone a failure with the target market. We shall now discuss some of these reasons in detail below:

  • The Fire Phone was Too Expensive

One of the reasons the Amazon Fire Phone was slow in flying off the shelves was the fact that it was too expensive and lacks appeal to many of the target clients.  The Fire Phone debuted at a price of $199 with a contract of 2 years. This came as a surprise to many people, considering that Amazon has a history of undercutting its competitors. This was a high price, essentially the same as that of a new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones? With this kind of a price, the Samsung and iPhone owners did not see any incentive in price to make them leave their devices for the Fire Phone.

If the phone had launched at a much affordable price, the Fire Phone could have gained the much-needed traction. The company finally did drop the price to 99 cents but this was too late to redeem the poor sales.

Small App Store for Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s devices run on the Android Operating system. This, however, does not mean that the users of these phones will have access to all the Android apps available on the rest of the Android phone fraternity. The reason for this is that Amazon’s devices use a proprietary applications store that is specifically tailor made for the company phones and devices.

This is a shortcoming that dealt the Fire Phone a blow. You see, the developers had to make different versions of the apps specifically for the Kindle Fire and the Fire Phone. Most of the developers haven’t cared to make apps for these devices.

It is also apparent that amazons store lacks most Google flagship apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps and so on. Popular services like Dropbox are also not available on the Amazon Fire and this means that not many people would be interested in this phone, hence the dismal performance in sales.

The Fire was Late to come into the market

This phone can be said to be a case of too little too late. While companies like Apple and Samsung are on their latest generations of devices, Amazon is on its first. This simply means that the company could not crack the market at this time, may be not even in the future! For Amazon to succeed with their Fire device, they would probably need to convince the first time smartphone buyers who have not yet developed a device preference. There aren’t many of these people anyway!

The Fire Phone has features of limited Interest

Many of the phones features are good for the heavy Amazon clients and this is what the phone was targeted at. Most of the features like scanning 100 million objects would only be good for the people who are interested in buying more things at Amazon. For instance, the big screen of the iPhone 6 would be a selling point for the device. It is also true that Apple Pay, the e-commerce tool works at places outside the Apple ecosystem. This cannot be said of the Amazon Fire Phone. In short, the Amazon Fire Device does not have the features or the qualities that would compel an average smartphone consumer to buy this device.

Simply put, the smartphones market is currently crowded and to break through, the Fire Phone would have needed superb hardware and software to set it apart.  This is not the case with this phone. The design of the phone is rather neutral and not many people would have a look at it, not forgetting the cutting edge technologies and designs used by the market leaders such as Apple and Samsung.


How to Become an Instagram Star

Well, there are many reasons why people want to become famous and also gain more followers in social media and especially on Instagram. We are going to mention a few reasons and then help you know how you can become a star in social media in general. Most celebrities no doubt make a lot of money from their Instagram accounts. Again, the social media is one way through which one can easily market products and also start a successful online business. This notwithstanding when you are famous on Instagram, you can easily communicate to masses easily and in a cost-effective way. These are some of the main reason why people want to become stars in Instagram.


Tips that can help you to create a famous Instagram account

If you follow these tips, you will realize that you get new followers on a daily basis. Ensure that you also constantly review ways through which you can make your Instagram account more impressive hence you will also rise to stardom. Remember it is not only celebrities who have millions of followers. There are many other teens and grownups alike have very many followers on Instagram. Below are some of the techniques they used to get more followers. If you follow the tips, you will also become a star in Instagram.


  • First and foremost, ensure that you have a great and impressive profile pic. Just like any business, this is what your potential followers will first notice about you. In fact, this is how you can drive more traffic to your Instagram account and consequently gain more followers. Always ensure that you know the target group. This will enable you to have a good profile picture. And it is also recommended that you constantly change your profile picture. This will help you to retain more fans as well. They will keep on checking your account to just check out your profile picture and other updates you may have posted, In a nutshell, keep your Instagram account busty and ensure that it is updated constantly.


  • In addition, get a unique way of communicating to your audience and target groups. This is one way through which you can easily capture their attention. Your style of communications, the jokes and basically the videos and pictures you post on your Instagram should be unique. It is good to avoid posting pictures that have been posted and reposted by many Instagram followers. This may turn out to be boring to your Followers and potential followers. But if you post unique pictures, videos and, also if you have a special way of communicating to your audience, you will not only retain your current followers but will also gain more followers, therefore, making your account famous.


Special and captivating hashtags

This is the ultimate secret to creating a popular social account. This is the most important step if you are new on Instagram or you want to widen your online viewership. Most people will be attracted to like a post that has a captivating hashtag. This is one of the secrets that people who are stars n any social media use. Try this today and you will see how easily you will gain more followers.

What captions do you put on your videos or picture that you upload online? This is the easiest way to drive more traffic to your links. Try using impressive captions that show your personality but also ensure that the captions are also fun. Take time to also do a small research on the hashtags that people who have massive likes and followers do. One thing that you will find out is that the hashtag is fun and also reflects the personality of the person. Therefore before you upload pictures and videos, ensure that you also have a caption that will get the attention of your followers and their friends as well.


How regularly do you post on Instagram? Surprisingly, this is what makes people stars on social media. If you only post once in a while, you will not get so many, followers. Making such posts trend will also be very hard. But if you post regularly, it becomes easier to gain more followers. More importantly, make sure that you post fresh pictures and videos. If you post old videos or pictures then people may easily get bored. Remember the followers must be entertained and informed. That is why they tend to follow people who give them important and new info that either makes them happy or helps them in one way or another in life. People love jokes, it is, therefore, important to post fun pictures but ensure that they are appropriate to your target group.


How to schedule posts in Instagram

  • The timing of the post. Most people frequently ask why it is important to post first thing in the morning. In fact, their question is not why it is important to post in the morning but when is the best time to post videos or pictures in order to get many likes or in order for the post to be noticed. Well, you have the option to schedule your posts. This will actually enable you to be off social media for a while as well. In fact, if you have a very busy lifestyle, you must learn how to schedule your posts. There are apps that enable you to schedule posts and have them posted at the right time. Learn more about the apps such as Instafollow and this will enable you to become more popular on social media especially Instagram.


  • Get people to turn on the notifications for posts so that immediately you post, many people can view the posts. This may take some time but you should join the campaign encouraging people to turn on the post notifications. When you post high-quality captivating videos, and pictures, people will definitely view them when prompted to do so. Maybe you can start by encouraging those friends in your circles to turn on the notification posts. This way, your fans get real-time updates on your posts.


Follow these simple tips and you will realize that getting any of your social media accounts popular is not as hard as many people think. Start by implementing some of the tips and eventually adopt all the tips and you will easily become a star in social media.




History of Nintendo

Nintendo, the Japanese company we know today as the biggest producer of video games has a long history. This is a company that traces its history back to the year 1889. The company was founded to produce Hanafuda cards. The Nintendo Company Limited is a large Multinational that produces consumer electronics. It is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. This is a company that is now the largest producer of video games based on the revenue generated. In discussing the history of this company, we shall look at the various stages of the company as a card company, as Toy Company and the history of the present day electronics games company.

Nintendo Card Company 1889-1956

Having been founded on 23rd September 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi, the company was making the handmade hanafuda playing cards as its main business. However, by the year 1963, the company had already tried many other businesses such as cabs and love hotels. The word Nintendo can be translated from Japanese to English to mean “leave luck to heaven”.

When Yamauchi died in 1949, his grandson, Hiroshi Yamauchi took office to become the president of Nintendo. He renamed the company from Marufuku Co. Ltd to Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd.  The company was the first in Japan to produce plastic playing cards in 1953.

In 1956, Hiroshi Yamauchi visited the United States to hold the discussion with the biggest playing card manufacturer. Having seen the state of the playing card business in the USA, Yamauchi discovered that the playing card business was big; this definitely becoming the turning point for Nintendo.

Yamauchi renamed the company from Nintendo Playing Company Ltd. To Nintendo Co., Ltd. In 1963. The company started other business ventures such as the Daiya taxi company, a love hotel chain as well as a TV network. The company also had started a food company that sold instant rice. However, all these ventures failed. The playing card sales also dropped after the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games and this lead to the company’s stock price plummeting to a low level.

Nintendo, the Toy Company

After the company failed in the previous industries, it moved to the Japanese toy industry in 1966. The company produced the Ultra Hand, which was developed by the maintenance engineer, Gunpei Yokoi. Yokoi was eventually moved from the maintenance department to the Nintendo Games department as a developer.

The company continued with the toys venture, producing toys such as the Kousenjuu, the light gun games, the Ultra Machine and the Love Tester. The company fell behind the production of toys and was overtaken by companies such as Tomy and Bandai. This made the company shift focus in 1973 to family entertainment. the Laser Clay Shooting system of the light gun technology was adapted in 1973. the company developed much more light gun machines and this was well received by the developing arcade scene. Even though the Laser Clay Shooting system had to be shut due to costs, the company had eventually found a new market.


Early Electronic Era Period 1974–1978

The company first focused on the video game industry through the distribution of the Magnavox Odyssey console in 1974. The company, in 1977 started to produce its own hardware with the Colour TV home video consoles. 4 version of these consoles were produced by the company.

In 1975, the shifted its focus into the video arcade industry. The EVR Race was the first video arcade game and it was designed by Genyo Takeda. The company had some little success with this venture. Well, the release of the Donkey Kong is what changed the company’s fortunes dramatically. The success of this game and the various licensing opportunities gave the company huge success and boost in profits. The game introduced the iteration of the eventual company mascot, Mario.

Success with the Video Games

Gunpei Yokoi came up with the idea of a handheld video game. In 1980, the company launched Game& Watch, a handheld video game series that was developed by Yokoi.

The modern D-Pad was designed by Yokoi in 1982 for the Donkey Kong. This design was then patented by the company.

The company launched the Family Computer as a video game console in Japan in 1983. In 1985, the international version of the console was launched as Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. This console helps sell the Super Mario Bros. as one of the best-selling video games.

In 1989, Nintendo releases the Game Boy in Japan and North America. The third party game Tetris is bundled with Game Boy and this becomes an instant success.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment, a superior console is released in North America in 1991and 1992 in Europe. A console war ensues between Nintendo and Sega and 1992, Nintendo opens shops in the United States for consumers who would test and buy the consoles.

In 1995, Nintendo announces that it sold over 1 Billion game cartridges all over the world. The company announces the production of the Project Reality, now the Ultra 64 which uses the cartridges as the media format.

The Nintendo developer Gunpei Yokoi dies as a result of a car crash. The company releases the SNS 101.

In 2001, the company introduces the Game Boy Advance. The company president Yamauchi retires in 2002. He is succeeded by Satoru Iwata as the company’s 4th president. He was the first president who was not related to the Yamauchi either by marriage or blood since the company was founded in 1889.

The Game Boy Advance is released in 2003. This is the 4th handheld device console system.

Nintendo DS is released in 2004.

The Game Boy Micro is released in 2005 in the USA.

The Nintendo World Store is opened in New York in the year 2005. This store would sell Nintendo products and act as a museum of Nintendo history.

In 2006, the Wii is released. It is a big success for the company as a console. With over 100 million consoles sold, this becomes the most successful console of the 7th generation.

In 2007, the company acquires 80% of Monolith video game developer. In 2011, the company releases the Wii Mini which is a cheaper version of the Wii.

The Wii U, the successor to the Wii is released worldwide in 2012. It supports graphics in High Definition. This console is not a success as only 12.8 Million units of hardware are sold the world over.

The Nintendo Switch is to succeed the Wii U in 2017.



Best Software to Manage Your Presence on Instagram

Instagram is a very powerful social media marketing too. Through Instagram, you get to easily communicate to masses. It is, therefore, no wonder most people seek to know some of the best software that can easily manage and in fact, increase your presence on Instagram. There are three software apps to install in order to easily create a popular Instagram account.


Social insight

If you ever need to check on how many followers you get in your account on a regular basis and basically how much you interact with them, then this is a software app you definitely need to install.

Main features

  • You can easily access more than one Instagram account and get all the accurate info you need regarding any of the accounts. This is one of the main features that make it a popular software app with Instagram users.
  • You can easily know the best time to post by just checking on the analysis. You should obviously post at the time when you get more comments on your post. This may vary from one user to another.
  • It can also help you to check on your engagement with the users. This is very important especially if you are new on Instagram and want to make your account popular



This is an app that easily lets you constantly post pictures and videos already posted earlier. In fact, if your Instagram account is for business you will need this feature. It makes you repost the ads easily and this is one way through which you can widen your market niche.

Key features

  • You can easily bookmark those posts that you wish to post earlier content, This will make it possible for you to easily find the posts and repost as well, Remember with social insight, you will already have discovered the right time to post. You may schedule to repost content at a particular time and this makes it even easier to easily engage your followers.
  • With this software app, you also get to search old posts easily. This is very important especially if you have been running your Instagram for a long time or you have many followers. This makes it possible to easily retrieve older posts. In fact, by just typing the name of the pic or the hashtag you used, it becomes possible to get the content you need.



Of all the software you need to manage your presence on Instagram, this is a must have. The features will make it possible to easily manage your account and ensure that your presence online is felt.

Unique features of the app

  • You get to know your fans. Those people who follow you and you have no idea. You see, you have to get all your fans on board if you really want to be popular on Instagram’s.
  • Check fans that have unfollowed you on Instagram. This app is what you need In order to instantly know when a fan unfollows you. You actually get to know who is following you and who has stopped following you. You may then take the appropriate action
  • Updates on new followers. You need to know if your Instagram account is growing or not. This, you can only know by checking the list of new followers. This software app will definitely help you know the new followers and ensure that you target them in your posts in order to retain them.


It is true that Instagram is an effective social media for marketing and business as well as to socialize. That is why you should consider improving your account on Instagram. This is a basic social app that has a lot of impact in your business and personal life as well. You learn a lot about trends and basically, you are always up to date with current affairs.