Will Self-Driving Cars Really Change The World

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Maybe you have already heard the phrase that self-driving cars will change the world. Well, it is true. Like self-driving car technology companies are rising up also by creating more prototypes.

Such cars will change the world in the ways discussed below and much more. You can find additional info online on other ways through which such cars will ultimately change your life and the world at large. Below are some facts about the most definite changes that will be experienced.


Nothing consumes so much energy than fuel. There are many people who have cars and as such the cars consume a lot of energy. The greenhouse effect will be reduced if we have cars that do not use fuel. When the automated cars hit the roads, we will have fewer emissions and pollution will also be reduced. In addition, since less fuel will be used, then energy scarcity will also not be experienced.

Human lives will be saved

This is true. Research shows that most accidents happen due to human error. With a self-driving car, such errors will be eliminated and as such reduced cases of accidents. In fact, it is predicted that in future there may be rare or no accidents at all. But some systems are able to also detect faults in the car or on the road and even send warning signals. One such system is the Teslas autopilot. But with time, many more automated systems will also be launched. The systems will also be capable of detecting faults as well and this will lead to more accountability.

Real estate impact

This will be the ultimate change that will be noticed. Check the vast areas designated for parking and the way most people also opt to live near towns because of the hectic program and hustle of commuting every day. This will come to an end since people will now have comfortable and reliable means of transport. As such, they can live in less congested areas away from towns. This will free more space around town and also cause some impact on real estate. In fact, real estate agents should be considering their options when the world adopts the self-driving car.

Laws and regulations

  • Well, it is expected that when the automated cars take over our roads, most countries may pass laws to make driving a car illegal. Most accidents occur because human being drives the car under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Again, the distraction while driving a car may also be as a result of using mobile phones or chatting with friends while driving. The same case applies to traffic jams. They are caused by human errors.


  • In fact, if you do a research you will realize that some drivers also do not obey traffic rules and this is the main causes of accidents and problems encountered during transport. This can be avoided if the world adopts autonomous future, it is likely that governments of the day may actually pass laws to ensure that no one drives around town. Basically, this will make driving a car a traffic offense.


  • Again, the cost of transport is also likely to come down. Cars will no longer use fuel and this is very expensive. There will be no need of parking and traffic jams will also be eliminated. As such, the cost of car ownership and also the cost of transport is likely to come down.


Is this actually going to happen?

Well, it is already happening in many parts of the world. Check out the Googles self-driving cars in California. This is one of the cities in the US where automated cars are already on the roads. Autonomy Taxis in Singapore are also in operation and actually, the general public has accepted the cars. The reviews show that at least eight out of ten passages who use Autonomy taxis give it a five-star rating. This shows that the self-driving cars are gradually being introduced in the market. France is also another classic example of countries that have generally accepted the latest move to automate transportation.


Just recently, the sensational Uber taxi service has signed a deal with Otto. Reviews show that Otto seeks to automate tracks and big delivery motor vehicles so that they can offer transport across the world.  In addition, recently Uber also launched 100 autonomous taxis in the state of Pennsylvania USA. This shows that the world is slowly embracing automated cars but the whole idea will actually take some time to be implemented around the world.